Aimee’s family, Erich and Trude Feucht (Feneht) immigrated from Vienna Austria in March of 1954.  They brought with them all the hopes of immigrants coming to America at that time.

In addition, they brought with them their appreciation for the timelessness of ‘Old World’ traditions.

Family, friends and good food was tantamount! Surviving WWII heightened that appreciation for both Erich and Trude, which they passed down to their three children.

The Feneht family began with George, then Peter and finally Aimee. Aimee was named after her beloved Oma, who had come to America to care for little Aimee while Erich and Trude were busy working, achieving the American dream for their little family. Oma spent hours in the kitchen with Aimee while George and Peter were either in school or outside playing.

Aimee’s favorite was GriessKoch (similar to cream of wheat), to which Oma would add a pat of butter and aromatic cinnamon. It was a big bowl of love, warmth and affection!

Aimee learned early on that food and how it was prepared, with good quality ingredients, was a love language. Everyone that came to the Feneht home enjoyed a home cooked meal, lovingly prepared with a big dose of laughter and humor! Food was a celebration to be shared with everyone!

In the same tradition that Oma fed her family, Aimee prepares her confections as Oma would; delighting in others enjoyment of her creations.